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Empower The Village Early Childhood Specialist works closely with

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What We Do?

We are an online Early Intervention Childhood Program that provides instructional videos and one on one online parent coaching services that support children from birth to age three. The program is provided in the child’s home environment by our Child Development Specialists through online early intervention. Our Child Development Specialist can be with you every step of the way.  The one-on-one parent coaching will consist of a one-hour session that may cover the following six areas of development based on assessment.

  1. Cognitive: Play/Problem Solving/Learning – learning colors,
    sorting, numbers, puzzles, pretend play, stacking and nesting blocks.
  2. Language: *Receptive – the ability to understand what is being expressed – learn to identify body parts, pointing to clothing, objects and animal pictures, etc. *Expressively – the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings – your child will learn to communicate using words, gestures, signs, visual, etc.
  3. Fine motor: Small muscle movements – holding rattles, grasping blocks, crayons, string beads and cutting with scissors.
  4. Gross-Motor: Large muscle movements – Mobility and transitional movements, crawling, cruising, walking/running, jumping, climbing, riding a tricycle, etc.
  5. Self-Care: Sleeping, eating, dressing, etc. – Putting on socks and shoes, zippering, buttoning and toilet training, etc.
  6. Social-Emotional: Sharing, empathy, feelings – learning to feel safe, loved, trust, expressing feelings, routines, etc.

What to Expect during an Early Intervention evaluation?

1) You will receive assessment link via email. Answer the questions asked to the best of your ability. Liz & Gabe do we need a FAQ section to help answer?
2) Submit assessment once completed.
3) One of our child development specialists will contact you via email with results and discuss the next step depending on your plan.  

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