Online Home Based Early Intervention Childhood Program

Empower The Village Early Childhood Prevention team works closely with parents and caregivers to design a program plan for your child.

Membership Plans

Your Free membership includes:

  • One 20-minute consultation and access to one video per day for 24 hours after your consult.

Your Basic membership includes:

(Half off price, Limited Time Offer)

  • Consultation, evaluation of child’s five areas of development and recommendations for program options from child intervention specialist.
  • 15 days of access to all developmental videos.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes and can be broken into two 30-minute sessions if requested.

Your Plus membership includes:

  • Consultation, evaluation of child’s five areas of development.
  • One on one coaching with a child intervention specialist and recommendations for program options.
  • Unlimited access to all developmental videos.
  • 4 session each 30 days paid monthly.

Infant Development Services

0-6 Months

6-12 Months

12-18 Months

18-24 Months

24-30 Months

30-36 Months

What we Do

The program is provided in the child’s natural environment as determined by the parent/caregiver. Through teletherapy our Infant Development Specialist also known as Early Interventionists (EI’s) will utilize counseling online and or over the phone. Our program provides a learning/building block therapy to help stimulate important area of a child’s development using The HELP (The Hawaii Early Learning Profile). 

The HELP curriculum-based assessment tool is a product is used when creating goals and tailoring developmentally appropriate interventions to meet the specific needs of your child. Below are the specific skills and concepts that our Early Interventionist (EI’s) addresses: 

  1. Cognitive (problem solving/learning/play): Regulatory/sensory organization, pretend play skills, container play, numbers, puzzles, matching, and sorting, learning colors, size (stacking and nesting blocks), increasing focus and attention to adult-led activities, etc.  
  2. Language and Communication:
    • Receptive (the ability to understand what is being expressed): Pointing to animal pictures and clothing items, selecting pictures involving action words, identifying body parts, obeying two-part (related/separate) commands, etc. 
    • Expressively (the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings): Working with your child’s team to create to create an individualized functional communication system consisting of words, gestures, signs, visual, etc. 
  3. Fine-Motors (small muscle movements): Grasping a crayon/pencil, bilateral and midline skills, imitating horizontal and vertical strokes, building towers using cubes, using a foamboard and pegboard, stringing beads, cutting, etc.   
  4. Gross-Motors (large muscle movement): Mobility and transitional movements (crawling, cruising, etc.), walking/running, jumping, climbing, walking up and down stairs, throwing/catching balls, riding a tricycle, etc.
  5. Self-Care (sleeping, eating, dressing, etc.): Putting on socks and shoes, zippering, buttoning, creating, and implementing a meal plan, toilet training, etc. 

What to Expect during an Early Intervention evaluation?

Step 1: The informational Meeting

You will be assigned a service coordinator who will schedule an intake meeting with you and your child. It’s a time to meet you and your child for short screening. 

Step 2: The Evaluation (You will be asked to sign a written consent form before any evaluations begin)

A trained specialist will talk with you and get more information about your child. In addition, the specialist will evaluate cognitive, language & communication, fine-motors, gross-motors, and self-care.  

Step 3: IFSP

After evaluation, your trained specialist will write an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that outlines what services and supports you and your child needs, and how often we should provide services. 

Early Intervention can have significant impact on a child’s ability to learn new skills and overcome challenges and can increase success in school and life.  Your journey starts will a single step. 

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