About Us


Elizabeth (Liz) has always had a passion to serve children in her community for over 30 years and a profound love of children with special needs. She aspired to serve others and is a leader in early childhood education. Elizabeth earned her bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Mount St. Mary’s University and went on to obtain her master’s in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Trauma from Pacific Oaks College.

With experience and key skills including patience, organization, and flexibility she realized that special children do not need to be treated differently to learn but with more patience and understanding from their teacher and parent participation anything is possible. While Liz was employed at several state agencies who provide services to children and adults with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, she realized more children needed services in their native language than were being served. Realizing many of our families have trauma such as domestic abuse, immigration status, and having a better understanding allowed her to support and provide quality early intervention services to our community.

Liz created the website Empower the Village back in 2008 when California was in a recession and eligibility changed for children to qualify for early intervention services. The website provided resources and early intervention, instructional videos, and online services. Liz was ahead of her time providing instructional videos and online services to parents. Many in the field did not approve of it and now fourteen years later, remote/online services are being used by different professionals such as universities, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and teachers.

Liz believes all individuals, no matter race, religion, ethnicity, or economic status should receive the same care as any other person and that every child could achieve success when learning is facilitated by a teacher who displays compassion, patience, and an understanding of each child’s unique learning capabilities.

Our Team

Empower the Village is an Online Home-Based Early Intervention Childhood Program. Our motto is, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our prevention team pictured above, works closely with parents and caregivers to design a program for your child. Each one of our Child Development Specialists has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Child Development and or a related field of study and has a passion for working with children. Our experienced team provides services that support children from birth to age three who have or are at risk for, a developmental delay or disability. Early intervention is highly effective at helping children learn new skills and overcome challenges.

What People Say

Thank you again for all your help and guidance through this entire process. Your team was professional and gave us resources in the timeliest fashion. Thank you again for everything and for making the process/experience a smooth and seamless one.

The Martinez Family.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff who made the experience a real pleasure. I specifically would like to acknowledge the amazing work of our Child Development Specialist, Allan, whose genuine concern and professionalism allowed our daughter to reach her milestones.

Connie A.

I would like to thank you and Jasmine for making a difference in the lives of our daughter and family.  My sincere appreciation to our wonderful therapists, YP and DT, whose hard work and recommendations were so helpful and who became so loved by my daughter.

Linda M.

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